Finally got something put together with timelapse video. This is a flower blooming, a 3.9 hour affair condensed down to 26 seconds, taken with a raspberry picamera. I’ll have to work on the focus, which is an awkward manual affair with the picamera, else switch to my dslr. Probably won’t switch to the dslr, because I want to make this mountable on my bike, and do some remote nature photography, and the cheapness / size of the picamera make that feasible. I looked around a little while for a good software to do this stitching of images for me, and actually settled on a short matlab sketch (123 lines) someone wrote and put out there. The lighting changes a good bit, something I’ll have to think about proper filtering to do on.. maybe equalize the brightness on all the images before stitching together.. Anyway, here she is:

Time Lapse Flower Bloom from lewis guignard on Vimeo.

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