Found a handy cheap mosquito trap online.


  • Yeast packet
  • 2L soda bottle
  • Black paper (or duct tape in my case)
  • Water
  • Sugar
  1. Dissolve sugar in water on stove
  2. Once water is cool enough that you can bear to hold your finger I , add yeast and stir ( yeast can withstand temperatures about like we can).
  3. Cut the top of he bottle off, where it becomes the same diameter as the main body of the bottle.
  4. Invert the top onto the bottle and tape the seam shut.
  5. Apply tape or black paper to he bottle to make it dark inside.
  6. Pour yeasty sugar water in and place in a dry cool area near where one doesn’t want Mosquitos.

Theory: Yeast eats sugar and poops alcohol and carbon dioxide. This is how beer gets alcohol and CARBONation. In wine, the carbonation (carbon dioxide) is allowed to escape. In making bread, the alcohol evaporates and he carbon dioxide is what makes air pockets in the bread, making it rise. Mosquitos find mammals by their carbon dioxide at up to 100 ft, then by heat and movement. So mosquitoes will fly into the trap looking for a mammal. I would suggest having the trap near but not too close to the area of concern, for I’m pretty sure a human will still be more enticing than the trap, as we give off heat and other chemical signatures they might pick up on.





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